623568 friendship
It's story about four best friend,how they manage to come out from so many obstacle like jealousy,competition and still manage to being best friends.
風来山 Genocide Reality
Including the Class F’s Shinzo Wataru, all 6 classes of first year students was teleported to a mysterious labyrinth with the school’s first floor.For a first timer, it’s a dungeon filled with deadly traps and violent monsters. But for Wataru, it looked strangely like the classic 3D Dungeon RPG, “Genocide Reality”, and he had mastered everything about “Geno-Real”.Even if it was Difficult Ranked “S” game, it’s nothing but a simple pastime for him. To escape the murderous labyr
_Oracle_ Xx The King\'s Beloved Xx
To My Dearest Readers, First of all, thank you all very much for all the support you 've given me in my journey of writing stories. Though I 've felt depressed to the point on giving up my passion, you have all encouraged me to do my best. I really can 't thank you enough. As repayment to your kindness, I decided to revise this story to make it more beautiful but I 'll still stick to the original...